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What is Logos Ministries?

Logos Ministries is a non-profit religious organization incorporated in the state of Colorado. It was founded by Dr. O. William Cooper in 1989 for the purpose of being a helping arm to the local church by providing the laity with tools to study the Scriptures personally and in turn to teach the Bible in the local church. Logos Ministries has also provided study material to students in the countries of the former Soviet Union, third world countries and prisons.

Dr. Bill Cooper Who is Dr. Cooper?

Bill Cooper was a pastor for 29 years and has made ten trips to Israel.  He is the president and founder of Logos Ministries, Incorporated.

Bill has taught in six different countries for 10 years and for the last 6 years he has been directing and teaching in the Emmaus Biblical Seminary in Vaudreuil, Haiti.  He is active in his local church in Fort Collins, Colorado and he also conducts Spiritual Life Retreats for church conferences and congregations.

He and his wife, Ruth, an internationally known porcelain artist, have two grown children: a daughter, Ruth and a son, Kiel.

Bill presently devotes full time to teaching Inductive Bible Study and writing books on Bible study for the laity.

Bill holds the following degrees:
  • B. Th. - Nyack College
  • B. A. - Wayne State University
  • M. Div. - Biblical Seminary in N. Y. C.
  • D. Min. - Ashbury Theological Seminary
What's New?

January 2011 Update: Smashwords is an e-book publishing and distribution platform which Bill is using to make some of his books available for use on your favorite e-book reader.  Visit Bill's Smashwords page to purchase and download his books for your e-book reader.  'Did You Know This ? !' is the first of his books to be available in e-book form.  (It has been split into two volumes for this format.).  'Fashioned by Culture' is now also available in e-book format.  We will be converting more of his books to this format in the future.

December 2010 Update: 'It's the Principle of the Thing' is the first Logos Ministries publication to be available in e-book format.  It is a collection of some of the devotionals from Logos Ministries newsletters and it is available free of charge.

January 2010 Update: Bill and Ruth were teaching in Haiti when the earthquake occurred.  They are home now and are not injured.  Click here to read Bill's update.

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